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Beth Gould, Age 39
Vail, Colorado

Occupation: Registered Nurse

What keeps me young?
My three sons! 

I love:
I love mountain biking and cross country skiing. 

Favorite Urban Apothecary
products and why:

I love the Sweet Roll Lip Palette.  It's the first product I ever tried.  I love to experiment with different colors and this allows me to mix and match and always look great.  Cinnamon Stick has the most beautiful shades of wearable reds.  

Another favorite is the original Transparent Coverage.  You can't really shrink your pores, but at least mine appear smaller since I've started using this product.  It also gives my face a smoother, more refined look. and makes my makeup last all day long.

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Customer Comments:

"Thank you very much.. I received the concealer few days ago but didn't try it until yesterday.  Wow I loved it!  It's great..!  It covered the dark area under my eye very well and looked very natural.

And the lip gloss, wow!  It looks great with bronze makeup.  Nno doubt I'll order again soon."
-- Hind Al Mazrouei, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

"Thank you so much! I can't wait to get my goodies. I experienced the product, Big Fat Kiss through Tampa Bay Beauty / Pretty City and LOVED it!
-- Tina Brunette, FL

"Everything about Joysticks are great!  I use them on my lips, cheeks and even my eyes as a cream eye shadow.  I love them."
-- Holli Posner, HI

"This is the most amazing product!  My sun spots and hyper-pigmentation are lighter and I've only been using it for 2 weeks."
-- Leslie LeFebre, CA

"The lines around my mouth were starting to show my age.  Peptox lets me cheat the clock."
-- Brooke Burke, CA

"Bada Bling gives me a natural tanned and toned look without againg my skin. I love this product!"
-- Amy Happ, IL

"Mineral Sheer Radiance is amazing!  It defiantly walks that fine line of giving your skin a great glow sans the shine so it's great for the office."
-- Marina Kaye, NY

"Mineral Sheer Radiance is amazing!  It defiantly walks that fine line of giving your skin a great glow sans the shine so it's great for the office."
-- Marina Kaye, NY

"I LOVE Mineral Sheer Radiance.  This powder rocks.  It's a quick fix for my large pores and fogs out my fine lines.  In one sweep I look 10 years younger."
-- Jennifer Kane, CT

"Micro-Derm Creme Scrub is the best product I have ever purchased.  My face looks great after one use.  I can't believe it!"
-- Maureen Clarke, IN

"This is a bit like Vaseline but seems a bit posher and Madonna uses it, so that was good enough for me. I use it as hand cream, lip balm, face cream sometimes... anything really when I need extra greasing up."
-- Gemma LaFranco, NY

"I was given one of your complimentary lipstick at a PETA event I attended last weekend in Norfolk, VA. It is great and I LOVE IT!"
-- Claudine Erlandson, WA

"My #1 must have. I cannot breathe without it."
-- Kristin Walsh, MN

"If you hate foundation (like I do), this is your product!"
-- Abbe Miller, TN

"This bronzer mimics the color my skin goes in the sun. It's perfect warm gold, not orange or muddy."
-- Mary Haight, NY

"Finally a concealer that leaves no residue, brightens and doesn't show up lines at all. 8 hours sleep instantly."
-- Katie Aldridge, CO

"I'm a very fair skinned woman who has searched high and low for the perfect foundation.  I thought it didn't exist until I tried Urban Apothecary.  I tried the Mineral Sheer Tint in Light followed by the Mineral Sheer Radiance in Cloud 9 and they are truly amazing.  The foundation blended perfectly, and no one could tell I had any foundation on.  My friends said I looked 10 years younger, and wanted to know what I had done. Your products have been a dream come true.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
--Patti Szarnych, IL

"I'm crazy about the eye shadow trios. Your formulation is such that a *little* truly goes a long way. They go on very smooth and I LOVE (can't use that word enough!) how they stay put, both during application (i.e. they don't "flake" down below my eyes) and through the day. Not too heavy either -- you can wear these really lightly or more intensely, depending on how many layers you apply. I really appreciate this, as many shadows are just too pigmented and always look too intense on me. 

The blush and face shimmers strike me the same way -- lovely natural color. Just the slightest touch gives a great effect. I can use this stuff on eyes as well. And the blush makes a great lip "stain", if you know what I mean.

Speaking of LIPS -- fantastico! :) The idea of putting a liner on top of a gloss is really helpful and fun, so I threw that in my purse, natch.

I think my very favorite (if *forced* to choose one) item in the batch is Big Fat Kiss. The applicator is *the* best I've ever used to put on gloss. No kidding. It is just perfect -- just the right amount of color -- and the applicator gets it on my lips perfectly, without any mess or muss. LOVE THAT APPLICATOR! :)

The mascara is fab also. NO flaking or "migration" for the entire time I have it on. It doesn't feel "heavy" on. You probably know how many brands, including high-end ones, that do this. I can't even feel that your mascara is on my lashes, but it certainly makes them look lovely.

And the Make Under products -- you spoil me! That "mist" is going to be perfect for summer.

Wow, what a great and thorough line you have."
--Shannon McCarthy, MT

"I wanted to write to tell you that I have never found anything like the product I just received in the mail! It is your new, 3-D Foundation!  It is WONDERFUL and I am going to tell all my friends about it!  I can hardly wait to try more of your products!

I have never been able to use foundations. My skin is VERY sensitive and I have tried them all... I mean ALL!!!!!!!!! Even other mineral products...Yours is the best in color, texture and usability!  I only wish you had a store I could visit in Minnesota! When might that happen!?

Thank you for making high quality products and having a customer
service department to match!"
--Lisa Kline, MN

"I was introduced to your products by a freelance makeup artist here at CBS where I work as a reporter. My skin has been going crazy since I had my daughter last year.  After trying everything (no joke), this is the only product that I've found that covers my uneven, blotchy complexion and still looks natural.  Since I've started wearing Mineral Sheer Radiance our studio has received over a dozen calls and emails asking what brand of cosmetics I use.  I can't believe it, this is a first in all the years I've been in the business- Your #1 fan!"
--Lesley Cicicone, PA

"! just wanted to congratulate you on being in New Woman magazine. I was so excited when I saw that feature. I now live in London, but still order from you.  I have turned some friends on to your great products, and they are now addicted! I love all of your products, and will keep spreading the word!"
--Isabella Suzetch, London

"I have been very impressed with your products. I can't stop using my new Sorbetto Lip Gel, so I am very glad that I have placed your web site in my favorites. That makes it so much easier when I have to re-order products. Thank you."
--Alexis Suga, CO

"I'm a professional makeup artist at a very well-known counter (*edited which shall remain nameless), I had to let you know how great your products are.  I couldn't resist ordering after seeing your products on Fashion Police.  My order arrived within a few days- and I really like everything I ordered (Sorbetto Lip Gel in Satsuma Cherry and Fingerpaint It Kit in Downtown).  I'm an Urban Apothecary convert!  Even though I get my counter products at a deep discount, I'm happy to pay if I get this many compliments.  Thank You!!!"
--Rachel Miele, WA

"You name it, I've tried it- every product line under the sun.  Urban Apothecary is right up there with the best of them.  Thank you for a great line of products.  I just received my third order.  The new Sheer Radiance is my all time favorite."
--Lila Gelman, IL

"I received my products today. They are awesome!  My husband commented on how great I looked today (which never happens). Again thank you and you will be getting more and more orders from me."
--Stephanie Trotter, FL

"I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this product. I just received it in the mail today and I have already used it twice. I cannot get enough. Thank You so much for this product, there is nothing else like it!"
--Aubrey Sternal, CA

"I'm a freelance makeup artist.  I just did a show at Sephora for Laura Mercierís flawless face.  I have to tell you so many people complimented me on my great skin.  The truth of the matter my skin is so-so, but it looks great when I use your foundation.  Of course, I had to *fib* and tell them it was LM foundation.  But, shhhh, it's our secret." 
--Bethany Reuiter, CA

"I worked the last show with Bethany.  She let me in on her little secret.  OMG can I tell you how funny :).  It was crazy, people were complimenting her left and right.  Don't get me wrong- she's beautiful, but I've worked with her before and this never happened.  Anyway, I had to fill you in and let you know I placed my order today and would like everything delivered asap.  thanks."
--Heidi Walsh, CA

"Loooooooove the Bada Bling Body Crystals.  I use it on my face, legs, arms- you name it!  It makes me feel like a million bucks!"
--Samantha Peyton, OH

"My husband gave me a big kiss this morning and told me how beautiful I looked for the first time in 10 years.  I'll be back for more as soon as I run out.  [Mineral Powder]."
--Kim DeGuilo, CO.

"I have to say I was a little leery ordering makeup online, but I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with my first order.  The colors were all dead-on.  I look forward to my next order- which I already placed.  Thank you!"
--Daisy Jaimesin, TX

"Wow- great customer service!  Thank you for your product recommendations.  My order arrived today and I *love* everything I purchased.  Bonus, my order arrived super-quick- two days after I ordered everything! "
--Kristin Eaton, IL

"I'm very much in love with the Mineral Makeup line. Thank you very much for your continued great service. Looking forward to many, many more dealings with such a great company. ! "
--Kayley Leigh, IL

"Great Web site and easy to find what you want. Thanks for a great web site and I will be back many times- I'm sure.  I just placed my first order for the new Double Mint lip gloss.  I can't wait to get it."
--Renee Prestipino, FL

"Seeing is believing!  My best friend wears your Mineral Powder and her skin always looks great.  I ordered my own and three of my co-workers complimented me on my glowing skin.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! "
--Jennifer Koggs, OK

"Just want you to know I love the Double Mint Lip Glosses. I got my sister in law hooked on it last weekend while she was here visiting from New York. "
--Rita Grant, CA

"I saw your products on Fashion Police.  The Kiss & Tell Lipstick is my absolute favorite lipstick of all time.  I just ordered the two new shades you suggested and I can't wait to get them."
--Cindy McPhillips, NY 

"Ok, I addicted! I swear, I can't stop using the Double Mint Lip Gloss.  What the heck do you guys put in it?  I just ordered another tube for myself and one for my sister.  Love it!"
--Jen Tripichio, IL

"Got Blot?  What a great name.  This product is amazing.  I'll never use anything else again.  Please don't discontinue it!"
--Samantha Cranfield, CO

"I had to write and let you know my wedding was great!  Thank you so much for all your product recommendations.  The pictures arrived today and I can't believe how beautiful I look!  Thank you, Thank you,  a million times!!!"
--JoAnne Bolbert, WI



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