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The Urban Apothecary staff is really like one big family.  We work hard and we like to play too!  We recognize that innovation is core to our success.  We strive to maintain a balance between profitability and the creation of an environment that fosters creativity.

Our staff is talented and versatile, which means that the person who answers our phones may also be the person who dreams up the next great product or that the person who normally creates products may be traveling to Australia to meet with the buyer of a hot, new boutique interested in selling Urban Apothecary. To put it simply, we couldn't do what we do without the help of every single person here at Urban Apothecary! If you'd like to join our team, please check out our opportunities:

Urban Apothecary Paints the Town Red
Girls just want to have fun!  We have an exciting new  opportunity we are currently testing-- Urban Apothecary Parties. 
We started to notice a few things at Urban Apothecary events-- not only did everyone have a great time, but every single woman left feeling empowered and better about themselves.  That's what Urban Apothecary is all about; beauty that inspires, excites and makes us all more beautiful. Join the fun and host an Urban Apothecary Party.

Urban Apothecary Affiliate Program
Do you have a website, blog or e-newsletter?  If so, you can start earning generous commissions today by joining Urban Apothecary's affiliate program, hosted by Share-A-Sale.  There is no charge to you to join, and no commitment to stay with it for any length of time.

Urban Apothecary Retailer
If you are a store owner who is particularly interested in offering your clientele something different, you've clicked to the right place. Our daringly distinctive cosmetics, skincare and spa products might just be the perfect addition to your collection of products. To apply to become an authorized retailer, please fill out the wholesale application. We will contact you as soon as we review your application and look forward to learning more about your unique store. 

Urban Apothecary Makeup Artists
If you're a professional makeup artist and a current dues-paying member of IATSE, you qualify for a substantial discount off retail.  Click here to get started.

We're looking for a few positive 'eye-ons' to build long lasting relationships. We have many new and up and coming projects to learn and earn money if you are a creative, talented makeup artist.  

Link to Us
Urban Apothecary is proud to partner with a variety of organizations that promote independent design and female entrepreneurship. Please click here to learn more about our professional affiliations


Tis the Season to Gift Pretty! Goodie Bags are stocked with $100 worth of beauty loot for only 35 bucks.  Now that's what we call a cool yule!

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