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Fat Lip Plumper

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Fat Lip Plumper
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Urban Apothecary Fat Lip Plumper

Fat Lip Plumper
A sexy smooch in a tube, Fat Lip Plumper is unlike any other on the market.  The plumping complex instantly smoothes lip creases and lines as it is absorbed, plumping up lips. Fat Lip injects lips with an exclusive formula of folic acid, vitamins, pure plant extracts and essential oils to increase blood flow to the lips without the silly sting. But wait- the plumping benefits have only just begun… an additional ingredient, Maxi-Lip, works cumulatively to encourage lasting fullness. Be prepared for a poutier pucker after 30 days!. Fat Lip can be applied alone or with your favorite lipstick or lip gloss for fabulously full lips.

Price: $25.00


Urban Apothecary Beauty Know It All: Be prepared for lasting fullness and a truly plumper pout after 30 days!  Clinical studies show an increase in lip volume of 40%, a  reduction of furrows by 10-30% and an increase in moisture by 50-60%. 



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