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Lip Spa Palette
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Lip Spa Palette

Lip Spa Treatment Palette
Get thicker, slicker, more kissable lips with this profound pot.  The new potion palette contains a tinted lip treatment, lip exfoliator, lip primer, lip salve, anti-aging lip treatment and lip shine --all spiked with a potent profusion of plant power.. Think of this as the world's most luxurious treatment for your lips! Formulated with exotic oils and butters, vitamins and über-emollients to add mileage to your smileage and to protect and pretty your pout.  It sold out within one week after it's UK debut, but we've managed to smuggle some into the US.

Price: $29.00

Urban Apothecary Beauty Know It All:  Apply to lips weekly for luscious lips. Use it before bed, before make-up application or just glow naturally anytime. The palette is functional and convenient and the treatments are sensuously scented.

bullet Tinted Treatment (bright red)
sheer, juicy & chock full of vitamins to protect your pout.
bullet Exfoliator (opaque pink)
luscious microbeads gently remove dry, flaky skin.
bullet Lip Primer (opaque neutral)
say, "goodbye" to fine lines, feathering, & lipstick that bleeds.
bullet Lip Salve (clear)
feather-light lip salve that instantly smoothes the texture of the lips.
bullet Anti-Aging Treatment (yellow)
seal in moisture while reducing the signs of pre-mature aging.
bullet Lip Shine (rose beige shimmer)
one coat of the fortifying remedy delivers sheer shine, while multiple layers increase the depth of color.



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